Bank Holiday Get Ready with me video/happy may day/Simple look

Hello and welcome! Happy May Day, I hope you have had a good Bank Holiday Monday so far. Here is a video I like to do, and that is a Get Ready with me video. I just did a simple look, and I love doing different looks. It really helps give me energy throughout the day, and is like a ritual for me. I don't put make up on all the time as I like to have my skin breath, but when I do I don't pile it on, just a simple look is perfect for me and not high maintenance at all. I am this week as of tomorrow going to do 3 Evening Skincare routines I like t do, and let me know products you use that you recommended that I should try, as I love recommendations. Many thanks, Carrie L.M Holmes

Day in a life Friday/Typical Friday/Content Creator/Blog writer/Author

Hello and welcome! It is the weekend and I needed it to be here too, and I filmed a Day in a life video yesterday as Fridays for me are the day where I will get any blogs done, do some videos pre-filmed for the weekend. It is where I will wind down and then plan for the weekend. Check out my video below: I love to have a different schedule for Fridays and I take it easier as I work from Monday to Sunday and that is what works for me, and you need to find what works for you. It may mean trying different methods, at first but when you do it gives you time to rest between tasks and its finding work balance as a writer as, I often full of ideas. Many thanks for reading and watching video, Carrie L.M X

New Day In A Life Videos/A typical Monday

Hello and welcome to a blog and I have for the first time in ages done a Day in a life video and not just one. I have today as I write this blog post filmed through out today, making it into three separate videos to share a typical day of my life as a Working mother, blogwriter, author, Youtuber and Self Help Guru..  So here is the first one and the link to my Youtube channel to see more: I like a Mondays to be where I have blogs already schedule for part of the day, and focus on other blogs, watching videos for research and going through my ideas lists of content and this includes putting together online courses and series of videos and working on my books through each day too.  So thank you for your feedback so far and many thanks for your time, Carrie L.M X

What Type of Books do I like to read

 Hello, so this is part of my Tea and Biscuits series of videos and so please watch below to listen on the books I like to read.  People often think if you write books you don't neccessarily read them, but I do, its what has made me want to have books published myself and I like writing, and reading has helped me immensley and you can't beat a good book.  If it has all the atributes that connects me with the story in being a true or a fiction book, then it is for me a set winner and my love of books has never washed away. I do take breaks as i do ready books back to back, but then need to have some weeks or months to not read any.  Audible in that respect is good, for listening to books rather than reading them all of the time.  So, if you are sitting the garden why not find a good book, with a cup of coffee and just chill. To me that is what the summer and spring is all about and when I do most of my reading,  Many thanks,  Carrie L.M X


Hello and welcome! This going to be a new blog site that I have created dedicated to my life as a writer. I do have other blogsites and if you would like to read other blogs I write on my various other sites, then you can do so via my network blogsite: So what is the key elements of being blog writer.  Writing Raw material that is real in the moment  Helping people by sharing relatable events and feelings  Not editing too much and being you, that's what those who love reading blogs want to see  I at first didn't write consistently and really kept coming back to it unsure. Then it clicked in and wrote my very first post on my site Organize4thebetter and yes, that was my love of blogging began.  As a kid I loved writing stories and reading books, and to be a writer you do need to read other author's books, and establish your writing voice, the one that guides you as you keep writing, and never feel disheartened at first, keep going.